Press Conference Programme

The press conference programme for IAS 2017 is available here. Press conferences will take place between Sunday, 23 July and Wednesday, 26 July in the press conference room, which is located next door to the Media Centre on Level 3 of the Palais des Congrès.

The press conference programme includes both official IAS 2017 press conferences and third-party press conferences. The press conference programme is subject to change leading up to the conference so please check back regularly for the latest programme schedule. For the latest information, you can sign-up to our media email list to receive all advisories and press releases.

Third-party press conferences

When not in use by conference organizers, the press conference room will be available for use by third parties registered for the conference. This refers to all parties other than the conference organizers and includes NGOs, government bodies, international organizations or agencies, foundations and/or industry representatives.

Third-party press conferences can take place between Sunday, 23 July and Wednesday, 26 July. The press conference room has a seating capacity of approximately 50 and will be equipped with four microphones for seated speakers (space for a maximum of six speakers). Basic AV equipment will be provided free of charge.

Press conference request submission

Requests to book a third-party press conference are open between Tuesday, 6 June and 23:59 CET on Sunday, 25 June. No further requests will be accepted after this deadline. Booking requests for third-party press conferences can be submitted through the online request form below. Please note that scheduling of third-party press conferences is subject to availability.