Social Responsibility

In an effort to ensure that IAS 2017 is socially responsible, the Conference Secretariat has taken measures to:

REDUCE the environmental impact of the conference while supporting the local economy by:

  • Selecting a venue which has been demonstrating commitment to environmental responsibility and compliance with international standards, located within walking distances with numerous accommodation options to reduce transportation.
  • Using local suppliers who have good social responsibility policies, whenever possible;
  • Making the programme available online and through mobile application (free download) to reduce large number of leftover books & documents at the end of the conference.

REUSE conference surplus by:

  • Having donation boxes available at various locations throughout the venue at IAS 2017 to help eliminate the waste of conference supplies and materials. Those wishing to donate items that will no longer be needed after the conference (conference bags, office supplies, exhibition material, etc.) can leave the items at any of the conference donation boxes. All materials will be donated to ACCEPTESS-T, a community-based organization for, and composed by, transgender people, migrants and sex workers in Paris.

RECYCLE conference waste by:

  • Giving conference attendees the opportunity to recycle their waste through sorting bins placed throughout the venue.


  • Our greening efforts by:
    • Communicating these efforts to our staff, suppliers, delegates and exhibitors.
  • HIV/AIDS issues for non-delegates by:
    • Expanding our online coverage of conference issues;
    • Giving the volunteers access to the sessions and to the content of the conference.
  • Local HIV related organizations by:
    • Contributing positively to the community by giving conference attendees the opportunity to financially support a local project, “Vers Paris Sans Sida”. Learn more about IAS 2017 Local Charitable Giving Programme.