Rapporteur Summaries

Rapporteurs are charged with the important task of objectively recording the proceedings and ground-breaking presentations at IAS 2017. Throughout the conference an international team of rapporteurs will report on key conference highlights. All their summaries will be published on this page during the course of the week. A Rapporteur Session will take place on Wednesday, 26 July at 18:15 where the lead rapporteurs will share the main findings and highlights of the conference for each scientific track.

Summaries by day

Sunday 23 July | Monday 24 July | Tuesday 25 July | Wednesday 26 July

Rapporteur teams

Track A: Basic Science

Lead: Mathias Lichterfeld, United States
Anni Winckelmann, Denmark
Caroline Passaes. France
Nancie Archin, United States

Track B: Clinical Science

Lead: Paula Munderi, Uganda
Denise Hsu, Thailand
Lara Coelho, Brazil
Vincent Marconi, United States

Track C: Prevention Science

Lead: François Dabis, France
Collins Iwuji, South Africa
Jeremy Ross, Thailand
Mélanie Plazy, France

Track D: Implementation Science

Lead: Catherine Hankins, The Netherlands
Amrita Rao, United States
Carmen Logie, Canada
Carrie Lyons, United States
Gnilane Turpin, United States
Kogieleum Naidoo, South Africa
Stefan Baral, United States


Memory Sachikonye, United Kingdom
Martin Choo, Malaysia